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Obscenity #230505 A

I think I'd make sure you couldn’t move when I started taking your clothes off. Torture you a bit
you could watch, but do nothing about it
haha there is nothing that you can do to torture me
yes I could.
I would love every min of it
I could tie you up, sit on your chest and have at my self right in your face, and you wouldn’t be able to help me, or yourself. Just watch.
That’d be torture.
ya that would be
holy crap that would be
I'd make sure I was far enough you couldn’t get your face near me too.
thats messed up
I'd do that, and I still would make sure you couldn’t move, but I'd hover over your crotch for a few minutes before I got on you.
and when I finally did, I'd slide down you pretty fast and deep, maybe a little hard, and get off you, and wait...do it again.
maybe jerk you off for a few minutes, climb back on you, climb off you, suck you a bit, no a lot
holy crap i am getting wood
I'd get back on your hips, but I wouldn't face you, my back would be towards you while I rode.
somehow in the process I'd turn around and lean onto your chest, kissing your neck, nipping your ear and eventually making it up to your lips.
really ??
Undo your hands and continue riding on you
you don’t think I'd do this?
i do
right now i cant what for that to happen
dear god i cant wait
ride you deeper, sit up and get on my knees, my ass in your face.  In front of a mirror, so you could see the look  on my face begging you to fuck me ...think I'd have to beg?
i would be banging you like crazy
Intentionally tightening my muscles, clamping down around you as your inside me.
shoving back into you
Squeezing as hard as I could every time you were all the way in
pulling your hands around my hips, guiding them towards me, about to cum all on you inside me
Pushes you back onto your back once you’ve cum, one leg on each side of you, kissing you wildly
biting at you, tickling you.
holy crap
I roll onto my side next to you, throwing my leg up onto your waist, continuing to beg, just for face value, I mean, hearing someone beg you to fuck them, that cant hurt your ego
o hell no
hell no
I like the delay, you enjoying yourself there ?
would prop my knee on your thigh, and ever so slightly rub my clit on your tip, letting it wander around the area, but not inside, watching for a response.
i am loving this
Then abruptly shove you inside me.
roll onto my back and wait for you to follow
i would be right on top of you
and I'd be curled around you.
That was good
That was good
Yes, I’m good
Yes, I’m good
Too bad I’m talking to myself
Too bad I’m talking to myself

Lonesome evenings can get the best of all of us

27 May 05

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It worked for me
 — Edinburgh

"too bad I'm talking to myself

too bad I'm talking to myself"

 — unknown

OAt first I was going to say this poem is fucking retarded until I read the end. Then I was like "This is the best poem ever!" It's just like that commercial for the reality show "Tiny House" at first, you're like, God! another dumb reality show! But then you see how freaking FUNNY it would be. Then, they tell you it's a commercial for Geico and you're all dissappointed. Except it ends at funny, not at dissapointment.
 — unknown

Ahahaha.  "Owned".
 — midare

Check for spelling mistakes, it doesn't need punctuation cause it  flows so perfectly. Overall, Great job
 — Lilac

I have to jack off now
- Andrew
 — unknown

 — unknown

this was hot.  i like it.
 — mmoneypenny

This got me so hot that I fucked my daughter.
 — unknown