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those photographs that lined your mothers fridge

That night i stood
before the faces of the past
each photograph
haphazardly placed
on the offwhite refrigerator
in that dingy kitchen
I looked at all the faces
the smiling eyes and mouths
the blissful moments captured
and contained on a
glossy sheet
each moment glowing
in its own significance
and each moment
set apart, marked
as one of our favorites
in those color photographs
i saw a child
who had all the trust in the world
who knew nothing but love and
understood nothing but joy
And i wondered
for a passing moment
what happened to that child
with the dimples and the
messy hair
with the shining eyes
and the glowing smile
with the outstretched arms
and the blissful expression
on his childlike face
And i wondered
for a passing moment
if all our happy moments
end up to be the forgotten
wallpaper of memories
in some dingy kitchen
of the future

22 Mar 03

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Very good.
 — Rull

omg...did my mom write this!
 — xsadxstarx

i wonder why no one commented here. i like it.
 — unknown

I like!!!!!!
 — unknown

that is a very god poem and i think that is a good insprashion to kids to grow and with a good life so do good well your youg
 — unknown

 — unknown