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music put the muse in musin' me

I can hear music
with no music playing.
the music I hear plays
"inside my head" as it were.
I couldnt be more pleased.
others need to sing
when alone without radio
whereas I can will myself
to hear the music I choose.
my favorite songs play
note for note
with the string section
and the woodwinds
just as we know them
whenever I want.
have you ever had a dream
in which you think you hear a song
and you remember the song?
well I actually hear at least 90%
of not just the song
but the music too.
have you ever had a song
that you "can't get out of your head"?
you say that because you keep humming it.
but I dont even have to hum.
it is all in there.
sometimes I think it's a curse.
music surrounds us if we really listen.
but it in-surrounds me
if I will only press play
with my mind!
I treasure this gift from God.
if I had a headphone jack
in my ear, I fear,
you would believe me.
when your mouth waters
it's because you can almost taste it.
but my mouth waters whenever I want
and I really do taste it.
the music flows like saliva
through my consciousness
and through all the world.

18 Jun 05

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I like this a lot! Wow, a well constructed, descriptive, actually happy poem! Great work! I love music of many kinds. I listen to CDs and the radio constantly: in my house, in my car, mowing the lawn, etc. and I sing along. It's beautiful and a pleasant distraction from all we have to deal with. I've been known to break into a song all by myself too though my family's not too crazy about that. And I can hear songs at times inside my head but not all the time. Too often it's replaced by worries, things I need to do and a lot of other crap. What a wonderful gift! My only criticism is the ending. I get it but I don't feel/think it goes with the rest of the poem. It doesn't feel necessary. I'd drop it and either add something that goes with the lines above or in general with the entire poem. Otherwise, beautiful and going into my favorites ASAP!
 — wamblicante

this was music to my ears, but now i feel lonely without the knowledge of an author. maybe i could have a hint?
 — hank

 — hank

i do that too. someone told me it was a rare thing. huh. i wouldnt know because i cant get into anyone elses head to compare.
 — noodleman

This one is sweet music to my ears even though i'm tone deaf.
 — larrylark

I didn't really like it... it was too prosey for my taste and I think I interpreted it as a boast.
 — Cloudless

i really, really liked this. and i don't even like music.

the only thing i suggest would be to use apostrophes consistantly.
 — inutile

It's okay.
 — unknown

MUSIC is great.
; )
 — fractalcore