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The last lion in Georgia

died a kitten's death, strung to a tree
like my little boy's shoes, kicking air
under the dogwoods. And I did not
let the world absolve him until death
called me to the valley, until I was sick and sinking
in a sandy quagmire. Marietta's
first Jew was a man made of amber, a rare element
in those black-soil hills, seeming
to have missed the brambled path
to the promised land. The last lion in Georgia
died not for his wife, but for an Irish girl
no one much cared for, and those good
old boys are still jawing
in their Confederate graves. I remember
their Christian necks, red and bright with knowing
Dixie would live because a man was left
flapping like a flag in the wind,
because they were protecting
an oleander of white womanhood
that was determined to die.

In memory of Leo Frank and Alonzo Mann    


I wrote this for the semi-finalist's round in an Instant Poetry contest. The time limit was eight minutes, so please keep that in mind.

5 Jul 05

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13 through 20 are incredible. please keep writing.
 — noodleman

most people dont write this well with 8 weeks to do it so brava.
 — noodleman

thanks. I've had a lot of outside help and improved a lot before I found this place.
 — Bombazine

well, i'm glad that you did eventually find this place.
always room for people like you.

welcome to pc.
 — midare

thanks for the welcome. :)
 — Bombazine

gosh, the 2 poem limit is frustrating.
 — Bombazine

no kidding. it is the worst and best part o this place. makes you read.
 — noodleman

Isnt it? I had a problem with that especially when I first started and had all thse poems already written I wanted ctiticism on. But this is a very good poem, like noodle says, for any time length, let alone 8 minutes.
 — Cloudless

If this took you 8 minutes think what you could have written in 8 hours
 — larrylark

haha! I think I would have passed out trying to write something meaningful for eight hours. I am trying to write a good poem every day, though. Also, thanks for the support you guys.
 — Bombazine

What did you do for the other five minutes?,

Arminius Prodicus
 — unknown

you could lose southern in13. good old boys and confederate tell us enough. it is border-line redundant
 — unknown

Done and done, unknown. Thanks for pointing that out.
 — Bombazine

eh it's mediocre.
 — unknown

I know it's mediocre, at best, that's precisely why I put it up here.
 — Bombazine

very nice poem
you apologise for having written this almost off the cuff but there lies for me the attraction of most art - not laziness but sponaniety
very nice
 — stout