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Anne Dei Kapp

Pore let to mess Anne Dei Kapp,
Know matt err hoe chei tie,
Chei aunt seam two dew toes sim pill lust zings,
Two yew ore eyes.
Zit mae bee bard two wonder sand,
Butt eye basque tat yew tie,
Two gut boor shelf yin whir zoos,
band oh pin boor I.

15 Jul 05

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hi, I'm ducktape.  welcome.  (;

nice poem.  I rated it a 10.  good jorb..(;

take care, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.  (;

 — ducktape

Wow.  Amazing.
 — megabyte

Thank you both for the kind welcome!

I'm over the moon you like the poem. :)
 — smealebucket

This sounds good and i love the title.Reminds me of one of my favourite cartoon characters.
 — larrylark