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We Only Know how to Live Cliche

       smeared on
             a beer bottle
               Both hands
           clutch the throttle
        Another packed parking lot
     another drunken fight
   Jim got mad at Jack
  Jack pulled out a knife.
Her entire emotional capacity is written on the
   the bathroom wall
     His dreams lie under his hood
       their hearts pump to the rhythm of sloppy  
          techno mixed in with a hip-hop beat
               to make them feel real
                   remind them they run the streets
               If Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch
               some water
               Then J and Illian went into the janitor's
               closet for a quickie.
Lip-gloss smeared on a beer bottle
Another girl pretending she loves a man
Another boy finding manhood in beer-pong titles
Welcome to teenage waste land.

23 Jul 05

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-smirks- I like this.
 — MissMay

 — lonelygirl

i read this before but for some odd reason didn't comment. hm..this was very nice. I loved the format, the title, the first three lines, and about everything else on here. lovely work
 — Gabriella

you could take out the second lipgloss smeared on a beer bottle and the poem would be more to the point.
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

very well done, i really enjoyed this poem. though L29 sounds like a certain song :p overall very nice and a nice image of teens today. good job :D
 — SweetPain

well done

"i don't think you understand these kids--you, with your prescribed apathy--we're losing them" --Donnie Darko

the reason i plan to teach high school--thank you for the feeling these words contain--powerful indeed
 — basketpacker

i like this so true....
 — UrbanAng3l

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 — unknown

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 — unknown

 — dvdsxr

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