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have you ever

have you ever seen the fog  on a mountain in montana
or heard the bugle call of an elk when in the rut
have you ever seen the snow fall like diamonds in the moonlight
on a two lane road out west  with shoulders made of mud
have you ever watched the northern lights do their dance of many colors
over rocky mountain peaks up in the great white north
or seen the rushing waters as they cascade to the canyons
no monetary sum on earth  can tell you what it's worth
have you ever felt the heat of the arizona desert
when it makes the boulders crumble and makes the highway swell
when it's 120 in the shade in the town called Casa Grande
where the sign outside the bar says you're only 30 feet from hell
have you ever watched the waves kiss soft white sandy beaches
as you lay in splendid solitude and soaked up all the sun
and watched the blazing sunset from the southern tip of key west
while holding on real tight  to that certain someone that you love
have you ever wound on down a mountain pass at midnight
with the engine brake just hummin' a soft song in your ear
or felt the frigid winds of a colorado blizzard
it seems to cleanse your soul  and drive away your fears
i've drank molson in the cabarets in montreal,  up in quebec
drank california wine on a storm tossed pacific shore
i've dived the coral reefs in the warm blue carribean
and i pray to God that he'll let me have the time to do a little more

25 Jul 05

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Except for the punctuation (too many commas and all in odd places), this is really quite good.  
 — Isabelle5

Hmm. this is quite good I have to say. I just hate the repitition. Made me think of the Pochahontas song  And maybe perhaps too many adjectives in some places. Other than that it's nice. Hm...maybe if you took away all the Have you ever's you'd have to change the title too. Think about it, maybe something else will come to you .
 — Gabriella

My best friend is a trucker- he'll love this! Very beautiful descriptions!
 — ky_diva

have you ever got to number four on the Poetry Critical Recent Best list pales in comparison.  great writing, terrific poem.
 — Meep

real good poem.
 — unknown

Do we have a Robert Service fan in our midst or what? Totally his  form, rhyme and style and even the type of subject.  I always wanted  to try one myself! Nice job!  Love the "shoulders made of mud", "the boulders crumbling"  the  "highway swell"  very unique imagery there. The details with names like "acasa grande" (should be capitalized no?) really adds specific detailed personality to it. the  waves kissing the soft white sandy beaches is a nice touch!
Critiques: sun (line 14) and love (line 16) do not rhyme well which takes away from the consistancy that you have established. My biggest criticism is that I  find that the last stanza does not have quite the same rhythm as the rest of the stanzas: especially "the warm blue carribean" . Thanks for the read.
 — Riverwriter2

"have you ever felt the heat, of the arizona desert
when it makes the boulders crumble, and makes the highway swell  
when it's 120 in the shade in the town called casa grande  
where the sign outside the bar says you're only 30 feet from hell"

Yes. I have. I live 40 minutes from that place which is More than likely HELL.
 — PureSunShine

ahahahaha im not the only one whos reminded of pocahantas
i like it though, only the second line did, and its always nice to hear your city mentioned. thumbs up to molson and thumbs up to your skill at stringing words together.
 — unknown

I give you a 10. It was wonderful
 — forevergone

I can't read this without being reminded of the Pochahontas song, you know "Have you ever heard the wolf cry, to the blue corn moon- or asked the grinning bobcat why he grins?" All the Colors of the Wind or ... something.
 — Cloudless