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my high-school physics teacher told me:
"since atoms are mostly
electron cloud by volume,
speaking literally,
that thing between your ears
is mostly empty space."
in the same class, i learned that:
by the same principle
when two objects come into contact,
speaking literally,
it is just forces pulling in different directions.
i thought when you said,
"keep in touch!"
i took it literally,
when you only meant it figuratively.
but if i learned anything from physics,
the reality is
i am the one that took it figuratively,
and you meant it.

28 Jul 05

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ah, very cute, very sassy, and very scientific. love the idea, hate science.
 — Lia

yeah, you almost lost me, but brought me back with the last line :) nice
 — kitkat

science hates you too!
 — unknown

i hate physics, but love your poem. the opening stanza took hold of me and still won't let me go.
 — bear

i want your sass.
 — unknown

Superb opening stanza and the rest is good too. Original and well written
 — larrylark

this isn't a poem, but then again life isn't poetic
 — BabblinJoe

science hates you too!
– unknown

as lame as that was, it made me smile.
 — Lia

mean girls made me smile.
 — unknown

significantly reworked version. better? cheesier? happier?
 — username

very realistic, nice work.
 — Roz

what is realistic?
 — unknown

figuratively and literally speaking, this is crap.

user refuse
 — unknown

amazing amazing amazing
 — ilikeblue

why haven't more people read this. it's excellent.
 — unknown

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