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If silence is power
and raving weakness
I'm not shouting
until I'm by myself

8 Aug 05

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so simple.so true
 — unknown

 — unknown

very nice.  short, but absolutely meaningful
 — unknown

wow. favorites. 10. i cant say anything else
 — bear

thank you very much everyone
 — unknown

nice. very very true. well done.
 — sabz3003

Interesting little tid bit.
 — InMyBlood

nice one...
 — unknown

thanks guys
 — tiedtoes

If silence is power
and screaming
weakness I'm not
shouting until
I'm by myself

would be interesting.

very good piece.
 — noodleman

If silence is power and screaming weakness - no wonder I can't stand up half the time!

This is cute.  Be sure aforbing isn't peeking through the windows when you do it, though!  At poet is a stalker of the solitary events of others..wink
 — Isabelle5

 — tiedtoes

Very nice
 — BoundFeet

cute :)
 — WildSymphony

thank you
 — tiedtoes

 — unknown

this is more like a private revelation--
 — themolly

 — tiedtoes

i like this
 — tj

thankyou tj
 — tiedtoes

Perfectly put
 — unknown

thanks.  I appreciate the compliment.
 — tiedtoes

better.  what did you change?
 — unknown

It was the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i like this one even more.

 — BoundFeet

hehe. counts me out. i definately talk to myself when no one's around. good thought. well expressed and to the point.
 — SteelAngel

thank you steelangel!
 — tiedtoes

the more I read this, the more relative it is.  WOW.  very strong.
 — themolly

 — tiedtoes

 — unknown

crazy concise and flawless.

 — unknown

thank u
 — tiedtoes

well said
short with a lot of meanings intwined.
awesome job.
 — SweetPain

Wow!  such insight
 — EmmanuelThom

thank you everyone
 — tiedtoes

oh so good
 — tragicbubble

very fascinating poem
 — Daniel1985

Well, now that over a year has gone by, I finally get it!  
 — Isabelle5

pretty good.. made me think.
 — saysayonara

It is a unique poem... how many of us are shouting in silence?
 — TomasOCartha

Not enough..
 — unknown

thanks guys.  I like this one too.
 — tiedtoes

If knowledge is power, then I shouldn't have gotten question 45 wrong on my physics test, "What is power?" I'm so mad!!

 — Henry

Still good, after a year.
 — Isabelle5

this is NOT a poem. it's too short!
 — Trudy

honey, poems come in all shapes and sizes.  deal wit it.
 — tiedtoes

sweet meep
 — tiedtoes

It makes me happy to see other people writing little poems.

I think I like the little ones best.
 — AtomBombJohn

thank you atombomb
 — tiedtoes

Simple, yet true. Very nicely put.
 — candykid

awww thanks
 — tiedtoes

: )
 — fractalcore

thanks frac
 — tiedtoes