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more than a lifetime

i wrote this about a year ago

and the feelings keep on dwelling
in a mind that overflows
with lovely thoughts of your touch
and the miles just keep rolling
in a distance that seems
far too much
but i don't think you seem to realize
that the dreams that are dreamnt
just may not come true.
and a smile's just a smile
unless you make it something greather,
oh won't you?
Those were the 3 seconds that i lived for
and in a heartbeat i would live once more
but i can't get to you
you're more than a lifetime away.
i'd pull the sky down to the earth
and make waves crash on your shore
would that be good enough for you?
or would you insist that I do more?
Well i'd live a lifetime for your touch
and die in a heartbeat for your kiss
but would you insist on something more
than this girl tha's in love more than
you'll ever know?
I'd live a lifetime or more, in love with you
and i'd live a lifetime once more if  you'd love me too.

16 Aug 05

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Line 8: 'dreamt'
Line 11: 'greater'
Line 24: 'that's'

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