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The Futility of War

The morning sun rises,
on an empty country road,
thoughts swirl within my mind,
of days young and old,
I clamber into a paddock,
and roll upon the grass,
as emptiness surrounds me,
no time seems to pass,
as I lay there,
my thoughts rush to the past,
they return to the day,
that I thought would be my last,
I lay there in the trenches,
the enemy roaring with glee,
i looked down to the ground,
and saw my best mate next to me,
his lifes blood pooled around,
his arms sprawled at his side,
the tears came rolling down my face,
no matter how hard I tried,
I felt a trickle on my cheek,
realised the tears had come once more,
it really is a futile thing,
the thing that they call war.

31 Aug 05

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oh my god!!!!
guess who pup!?!?
i really like this one!!!
 — unknown