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Maths Is Murder

A mathematics teacher
moves at a constant speed,
the time and distance of his journey
is carefully calculated.
One mathematics teacher
measures the length of his strides
to four significant figures
in solitude, like the y-intercept.
Another mathematics teacher
ponders calculus and induction,
polynomial division, permutations and trigonometry,
while a bus hurtles in her direction
In the end it was the maths that killed her.
Distracted by the deeper workings of independent variables,
the bus hit at an accelerating pace.
She could have saved her own life,
had she only considered the mass x speed
and equated it with her own.
While strange to others,
these two spoke the same language.
They might have discussed tan, sec and sin all night.
They may never have had to do the T-method alone again.
But love is not like maths.
Incalculable, inestimable, unpredictable.
It's a pity my mathematics teacher
will never find that unknown factor.

Written during an extremely boring maths class.

10 Sep 05

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Heck I can identify with this too.

Good read

Here is one I wrote also at school. Not as a student though. See if you can work it out.


"Now do this sum in your head"
My teacher said to me,
"Take a thousand and add forty
It's in your mind now see."
"Now add another thirty
And keep it in your head,
Then add another thousand
Now you've got the thread."
"Add to this a twenty
Then another thousand too,
Finish it with another ten,
Your answer is now due,"

"The answer that you got
Well you are wrong, you great ding dong
You have failed this test."

"Now get out your calculator
Or  pen an paper will do
Calculate the answer
It will be revealed to you."

"Remember these words I say to you
As you pursue your dream,
Don't take things for granted
They're not always what they seem"
 — peterbee

Yes, I get it. Clever. Who would have thought such a dull subject produces so much inspiration and, (in YOUR case) good poetry!
 — winter

this part could stand alone.

A "mathematics teacher
ponders calculus and induction,
polynomial division, permutations and trigonometry,
while a bus hurtles in her direction
In the end it was the maths that killed her."

the inclusion of a bus is always a good move.

good poem winter.
 — kaleidazcope

who's teaching you it's tan, sec and sin?
you shouldn't write poetry in class.
 — hank

That is a very astute observation Kaleidazcope. One that I agree with too.

Another mathematics teacher  9
ponders calculus and induction,  10
polynomial division, permutations and trigonometry,  11
while a bus hurtles in her direction  12
In the end it was the maths that killed her.

It works magnificently.

 — peterbee

OMFG!!! This is so great!! I can relate to this! Thank you for a great read...
 — lonelygirl

i enjoy maths. i have fun in all my maths classes. except lately.
 — Lia

It is sin cos and tan, but sec is my favourite (1 on cos). Don't ask why...
 — winter

Does/has anyone (apart from Lia and Lodza) do/done 3 unit mathematics? If you have, you'll understand why I've included the death of a maths teacher…
 — winter

oh. it's you. come on msn.
 — Lia

I like candy.
 — winter

To the author - are you from england?  I read a book and the main character called it "maths" too.  Where I'm from its just "math".  not that it matters, good poem - 8
 — Frozenstein

Not, I'm an aussie. I can see you're an american? I never even thought  about it…
 — winter

Really good poem with a very original slant
 — larrylark

yeah! right on, kill the teacher!
 — unknown

she said maths.
 — Roz

Wat duz that mean?
 — unknown

yeah im american! woot   america for the win  (not really this country kinda sucks)
 — Frozenstein

While this skirts on the edges of prose, it is clever and surprising. I have enjoyed this read throughout.
 — alicedark

What the hell does woot mean?
 — winter

woot woot yea ah!!
 — Lia

My thoughts exactly! Liu Liu!
 — winter

Lu lu lu, got some apples. Lu lu lu, you got some too. Lu lu lu let's make some apples. Lu lu lu fun for you!
 — unknown

i have hsc maths in a few weeks. this poem mirrors my thoughts exactly.
 — Lia

OMG! so proud…
 — winter

i just failed a calculus test today
math IS murder!
 — anno

i despise maths
 — xblacktearsx

Oh, damnit! I thought I was getting good ratings because it was a good poem, but it's just because everyone also hates maths! Lol =)
 — winter

i like maths and i rated this poem good.

read my newest poem.
 — Lia

Ha, shoulda put calculus in!
 — winter

i enjoy calculus. please put some in.
 — Lia

Yes, but you also need a life…
 — winter

oh, shut up. i have a life.

between studying maths, i sneak out every night.
 — Lia

Hahahaha! I know what you get up to!
 — winter

Wow, i thought that this was another poem trying to be smart, but it's funny! haha! I like it
 — unknown

i dont like the last line. i don't like the title. and i am scared by the fact that i don't know a lot of those mathematical terms you mentioned, and i have to do my hsc in approx 1 month.
 — Lia

Get over it Lia, you're repeating Maths. What would you suggest for the start and finish?
 — winter

i would just delete the last line, and stick a full stop at the end of the line before it. as for the title, why not just use line 19, and then take it our of the poem as well?
 — Lia

here hear!
 — Roz

Ok, Ok. Smart one, dumb one, lol.
 — winter

and thrush saves the day!

i'm on antibiotics. i hate yoghurt :(
 — Lia

Lol, funny funny. I feel sorry for you =,(
 — winter

 — abomination

 — unknown

I hate maths, therefore I am in love with this poem.

On a more personal note, Elise smells. And is a turkey in disguise!
 — abomination

Oi bitch, i prefer to remain anonymous!
 — winter

No matter what I say, the men in white coats are gonna get you one day!
 — abomination

They're coming to take me away, haha, they're coming to take me away, haha heehee, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take me away, hahahahaha.
 — winter

wasn't this the title of a smiths album?
 — onklcrispy

no that was Meat is Murder, had a soldier on the front. Good album, the highlight being "Rusholme Ruffians".
 — Mr_Private

i was kidding anyways byt thanks and appreciation anyway and also and thanks anyway also you
 — onklcrispy

feel a bit of a dumb fool now, re-reading it, seeing it as a joke. lol. sorry for any partronisation, non meant
 — Mr_Private

Benji from Good Charlotte has pants that have "Meat Is Murder" written on them! WOOOOOW!
 — unknown

Winter, you are the epitome of stupid.
 — unknown

unknown, that was beautiful.
 — inutile

Unknown, I love you… I have ALWAYS wanted someone to say that!!!
 — winter

What's that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty.
 — TheO1dCrow

That was so lame…
 — winter

On re-reading this, I'm still not happy with it. I had to design a poster for a huge maths competition recently and at the last minute I decided to stick this poem on. Now I feel embarrassed as a lot of people are going to be reading the unfinished product…
 — winter

Recently attacked by a maths teacher…kill them all.
 — unknown

Haha! Nah, this is finished, just like that chick…
 — unknown

One's? Maybe shooting you down in real life would be kinder.
 — unknown


 — unknown

Haha, yes, i agree now. That was a dark period in my maths life.
 — winter

I write most of my best poem during math class the the same reason. I get writer's block in science.

"Oh waiter, 10 please."
 — TheHarlequin

Thank you. Have you read 'Harley Quin' by Agatha Christie?
 — winter

Damn good poem, if i do say so myself.
 — unknown

uh, ok. shouldn't you only say that if you wrote it? which you didn't. i did. thank you anyway :)
 — winter

I'm not even sure how to go about commenting this one. Incredibly interesting, and I'm surprised I enjoyed it so much, seeing as I hate math, haha. Something about this poem strikes me as particularly outstanding, but I'm not sure what it is or why. I give you a 9. Well done.
 — EchoesRemain

haha, thanks, but i don't know if i should take comments from NON-MATHS LOVERS! i never knew there was such a thing. (just kidding, but i really do love nerds).
 — winter

well, of course i know this poem practically inside out ever since i recorded it (it took me about 10 takes!!! the words are lodged in my head!!)
i've told you what i think of it anyway. and i love that last stanza.
i don't like maths (which puts me in your bad books i'm sure) but i can appreciate this, heh!
 — Esoteric

thanks. maybe i should take it as a compliment that you managed to overcome your maths prejudice to appreciate this poem. everyone should hear this spoken by you. it's sexy.
 — winter

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 — unknown

and sometimes, the trolls, stewing under the bridge, are blessings in disguise pulling out pieces like this for those of us who barely knew poets existed at the time it was authored...
 — Known

Cayoo oh cayoo
Where are u?

Scoobie doux
 — Clara

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I love this poem.

It certainly makes math fun!
 — marieclaire

Its a nice poem...why no one like math...I like math....maybe is should write about my love for math...lol
 — sahibtorun

i remember this poem from a long time ago! glad to see it at the top
 — bear

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