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Wishing Wells

A quarter for a wish,
whatever you want,
just twenty-five cents.
What a deal!
My mother is dying, please save her...
I want a pony!
Help me pass this test.
I have cancer, I need help.
Please make daddy go to heaven...
I wish for a gazilion dollars.
There's a monster under my bed, make it go away.
Make Uncle Johnny stop touching me.
I collect all those quarters
from the bottom of the well.
Those wishes support my
heroin habit.

28 Sep 05

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i should be writing a reflection on the gospel of luke right now, but this was much more fun
 — bear

the last four lines if habit was hobbit. are a genius short poem.
 — bettalpha

um thanks betalpha? can you tell me how to improve on the poem as a whole?
 — bear

oh, my!

i tossed a quarter into the wishing well. i wished to know... how deep it was.

i can't help you with this one. i am too sick to think?
 — Lia

lia, your sick!? thats not good at all, i'm, sorry to hear that.

barracudas, i'm glad you like it!
 — bear

all better now :)

i wrote the longest comment to reply to you a few days ago, but it didn't work when i posted it and i was so upset. i am far too lazy to write it up again. sorry.

watch this space.
 — Lia

i'm glad u feel better! i hate it when stuff doenst work. o well.
 — bear

wow this is so cool.  it reminds me of what it'd be like to hear people's prayer intentions.

i like.
 — ducktape

yea, i guess it is kind of like praying and it makes me think what precentage of prayers are actually answered and which prayers are needed and which aren't... it really makes you think
 — bear

yeah.  it does.
 — ducktape

You always choose good concepts for your content, but I'm always disappointed by the execution of such concepts. In time you will grow.
 — unknown

yes, i agree with you unknown... i think i have a good mind for subject matters, it is just the writing that gets in the way...
 — bear

Never saw this before.  It's quite creative, especially that last line.
 — Isabelle5

thank you
 — bear

HAHAHAHA! This is fucking hilarious! Or I'm just a sick bastard. Either way I enjoyed it.
 — grneyeddevil

haha me too
 — bear