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nose first,
into adjacent
glass of milk,
where he will inhale
a sweet cocoa death.

7 Oct 05

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 — unknown

 — Isabelle5

This reminds me of a small child,
simply enjoying a glass of chocolate milk
I can see my own sons,
when they were small, and how I could
be moved with the sweetness
and the overwhelming love I had
for them.
The smallest things they did.
Like drinking a galss of chocolate milk''
Could make be smile and fell such a delight.
Now, If I have missed the mark,
and my interpretation is "way wrong"
I don't want to know, what the interpretation
really is;
Because I feel too good about my own thoughts
about this poem.
I love it.
 — schotsy



my name is slam dunked donut
better known as churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro
 — unknown

I like it. It's simple and effective
 — whiteheat

Minimalism is good for me in poetry except when it comes to something so complex as this subject. I need more - I need to know the identity of the biscuit, thin and fragile like a rich tea or morning coffee or a big crumbly digestive diving in there like a sugar bomber. Motives, I need more motives and is the liquid warm or cold? Post modern reader involvement is all very well, but there's only so much work one can do.
 — opal

Hehe. Good stuff.
 — themolly

yes, mostly its intriguing rather than being satisfying. Like coffee, mmm coffee. I think i'll go make some.
 — DeformedLion