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Part of Autumn

The summer ended in a colorful death, as the
frost flowed from my breath.
I felt the change ride in on the
wind,letting me become a child again.
I silently watch as pieces of color dance in
the breeze.
So enchanted I fell to my knees, In to a
pile of leaves. As I lie face down to the ground,peacefully
paralyzed and attuned to the sounds,a piece
in a puzzle I have finally found.
Clifford Kenneth Arkell

20 Oct 05

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It reminds me of ee cummings, but this is still very good.
 — unknown

  ee cummings was a genius, he had the best education money could buy and he chose to twist it end on end as only true genius can. It is a shame more people do not see it.   most do not even recognize what he wrote as sonnet, really amazing.
 — 5foot3

I just wanted to add, that someone once told me
Fall is a poet's death.
I never knew quite what to make of that.
 — 5foot3

Very good poem, it would wow an open Mic at a poetry club
 — gallard