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Quoth the Asshole

I was molested by a scapegoat;
Bold and brazen was he in his stupor.
And though I can speak Mexican
(El what-o the el fuck-o),
it was all a blur.
The red scarf
Proves he’s an aviator.
Fly, angel, fly!
I see, I see, Ellie;
She’d advise you away.
Time is a child,
Chucking Spaghetti-O’s across
A pristine country-styled kitchen.
It has no fear of the unknown,
It has no fear of God.
But they'll never went, what?
Hungry again! (many at once)
Notice: to whom it may concern,
The flavor of the week has been
Castrated, decapitated, and humiliated. (Stop)
All under the sun must be rectified. (Stop)
Demons be GONE!

3 Nov 05

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 — aeturnus

 — Aziel

the poem is good. The title is a disaster
 — unknown

This poem is more than good. It's more than very good.
 — unknown

holy crap. this is so funny.
 — jittery

so this is what happens when you start dropping names? i never knew : ]


cp-- ps i just had to type ZONK in order to post this comment.
 — unknown

This is amusing on many levels.  Mexican is not a language, by the way.
 — Isabelle5

The poem is excellent.

The first line is magic.

And I love love love 11 - 15
 — PollyReg

i like this more every time it read it.

 — unknown

Isabelle's right, Mexican is not a language. Considering the context it's used in though, I think it's perfect. In fact, the whole poem is great even though it's a little vague in places. The only crit I have is the need for quotation marks in L8, 9 and possibly 16, unless I'm mistaken. Nice piece. :)
 — nakedowl

This is one of the finest hang over poems I've ever read.
Well done. A 9 standing up.
 — mitchl

Great and so bitterly flavoured
 — larrylark

I know it's not a language.  It's supposed to be a joke.  Like saying, "I don't speak eggroll" (chinese).
 — Aziel