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You think it’s easy
to turn your mind over and over until you can
read what is written there
to see the scars from the tattoos
social imprints from a souls expressions
you think it’s easy
to separate the actions from the reactions
until you can follow the road map of habits
and trace the lines that fall off the map
distancing yourself enough
until you can pick up where they continued
somewhere in the universe  -  outside your sphere
You think it’s easy to spin your minds mass
until it is clay
to see a vision without a past
to mold your thinking with your heart
To paint your god within you
You think it’s easy
But you’ve never had to come back down to earth
Like jesus
To be with the people who had betrayed you
And learn how to love them enough to expect nothing
and accept what they had to give because it was the only way they knew how
To meet them in the middle where they’re at
and still identify with the light
and not yet with the masses
Until you’ve drunken the sweet wine until it made you bitter
Then cleansed your body and your soul
to find the salvation of one god in every scroll
because it was within you and without you
once you’d unraveled the lies you told
yourself , a child you’d finally hold
up high enough to learn to love
enough to let go of the pain of the past
break the bubble of  youths dark ignorance
with baptism
and allow your spirit
to fly a pure metaphysical dove
When you’ve fought all of your life to be an individual
then learned that wisdom comes from teaching acceptance
holiness from humility not judgment
and just when you had given up on friends you reached out
and found affinity with people who had all of the joy
you had tried to give to others but you couldn’t give what they had never wanted
and they laughed as if they knew you all along your crazy path
and saw their beauty brighter than your hearts solemnity
You think it’s easy to learn how to be a social animal at twenty
and fight for community
You think it’s easy
to turn your mind over and over until you can
read what is written there
to see the scars from the tattoos
social imprints from your culture
and step outside of it’s thinking so that it does not define you
you think it’s easy
to absorb the perspective of other minds
you cannot relate to, until you understand what motivates them
and learn to love  that which you have loathed in ignorance
to see the world through the eyes of others
and the opposite side of your self
and still be true to your soul
to learn to do the things that have never made you curious
to earn the secrets of a shape shifter
identify with the contrasting details
that beat to the rhythm of light vibration and ether
in the universe
until yin and yang blend into wholeness
and your heart beats in balance

6 Nov 05

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no!no!no! Be ruthless: cut/slash/edit. Mother of Mary, this is too long!
 — unknown

But what?? That's why I posted it.
 — Riverwriter2

Hey yea, ive read some of it...like the sentiments, balence etc...will come back to finnish reading and hopefully, absorbing. Very personal.
 — philosophile

unknown.  I am taking your advise. I thin this poem was truely pieces of many poems so I've take out much of it and left the philosophical stuff for this one.  Some of the the other personal bits I think are worthy of being bare bones for other poems. Thanks.  Thank you for your comment philosophile. Yes it is about balance, so I've changed the name. From Growth.
 — Riverwriter2