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on playing blues for the changing seasons.

and i'll ask you just once  
what did you do  
with all of our colors? and he,  
once again,
will only remember leaving.  
on trees that tumble so
unevenly, feet unearth  
loam. leaves stride--  
time will tell,  

8 Nov 05

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I like this; it portrays a story, as minute as it may be.  =)
 — Aziel

do you think you have the best stanza order here>? otherwise good words.
 — bettalpha

thank you for all the wonderful comments.
i appreciate them.
you are a talented writer in every sense of the term.
 — pull_my_hair

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovre you
 — unknown

i found this when i opened the site.
this is incredible.

 — unknown