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Kissing Fish

The world felt slumberous and numb
The reckless leaves all tossed about
Dark winter days with restless sleep
I hung my head as if in doubt
No promise would life keep
But then the wind blew fast and cleared
the clouds away, the sky felt near
and instantly my mind awoke
I saw your face, my heart it spoke
Of all our moments I hold dear
Of days in spring we fell in love
The great sun and the full new moon
Anticipation stirred your voice
We couldn’t meet too soon
of how we’d go to any lengths
to just touch hands,
or cheeks, or lips
so connected, so intense
like kissing fish
like kissing fish
And now that light has shone again
Upon the leaves, upon my brain
My heart grows orange, full and wide
It stirs the deep beneath the tide
Into my soul fresh waters rush  
Bright burning colored dreams for us
And flutters with loves simple wish
like flaming tails
Of kissing fish

12 Nov 05

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That, Thats a good!!!
 — RicoBravo

Haha! Thank you RicoBravo. Anyone else??
 — Riverwriter2

This must have been put up ata bad time. Any comments fellow poets??
 — unknown

I really like this.  i like this a lot.
 — likeavirus

Thank you likeavirus! Anyone else??
 — Riverwriter2

ha o i love this

i can sing this in my sleep backwards
 — funes

I like this alot
 — Rossant