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Sounds like.....6

0 2
  8 1 5
          3 8 9
3 3 0
4      2      4
4    2    4
4  2  4

   I tried to synthesize Cabalistic number systems into a number poem.  The number poems were popular in the 1970's.  Neil Mills, check it out.

25 Nov 05

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I don't know anything about number poems, but these numbers look very nice-- very respectable. What number would you like me to rate this poem?
 — graceinmtl

You can rate it however you feel.  If you are interested http://www.ubu.co m/sound/konkrete.html has some examples of number poems.  The purpose is the sound of the numbers.  Thank you for the comment.

I'll rate it
because in Cantonese
"8" is the luckiest of lucky numbers.

(I'm not Chinese, un-for-tun-ate-ly

Tuna ate Li

 — unknown

I like 6's, just not 3 of 'em in a row.  I also think 9's are cool cuz when ya turn them upside down they're 6's and vice-versa.  Other than that, I think I'm outNUMBERED!  Thanks for that link.  I wanna go ck it out.
 — starr

Thank you for your comments.  I hope you find the link entertaining if not interesting.

By the way starr, your sexual innuendo was not lost on me.