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grandchildren playing

A dreamscape unfolds before you eyes
that wills your heart to quicken
and sends your mind to a region far
where thoughts have no completion
but simply are
and to feel eternity in your soul
and know that you will see it
with conscious mind,and soul so bare
because it was written
in times before,by a man of truth
a man who had the wisdom
i love them all, Jesus said
and so do i, the children

1 Dec 05

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Being a grandfather I can appreciate this. Funny that my grandson is visiting this weekend, 5 years-old and a holy terror at times. He's such a handful that sometimes it stops being fun. Most of the time it is though! But this poem went beyond that to help me look at how he carries "me" on and my son, all three of us holy terrors at times! Beautiful job!
 — wamblicante

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