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The Only Faithful, Only True

Young heart once
wrote none but verses of
nomadic heart whimsy.
Wizened now from those
long ago places, she
finds alien the old pledges
and untamed gallantry of
crash and burn love.
Turns to the portion which
has, alone, not diminished
with time or sorrow
but in lieu grown more material
with the eroding flood of years.
Solaced, here, by the One
whom the clouds cannot contain
nor the learned scholar unravel
nor the sneering harlot, Culture, expel
fragile soul crawls back each night.
Unclasps fists of cherished bitterness,
brazen rebellion and drowsy mediocrity
to fall, here, back in step with the
only Faithful, only True.

9 Dec 05

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you seem to have a clue
 — unknown

nice poem jero.
 — varun

any other reactions to this?
 — jerotich

i really liked this. you are true to your post in the forum, you conisder each single word. the only bad thing i can see in this poem are the capitalised wods in the middle of the lines, although i know are there for emphasis, they make the poem seem somewhat tacky.
 — inutile

I like the way the words are phrased.

This reminds me of the summation in the book of Ecclesiastes where after the preacher had tried riches, philosophy, women, etc. he finally comes to the conclusion found in Ecclesiastes 12:13, "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."

The most miserable person in the world is the Christian who tries to live a worldly life.
 — pasnitro