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December's Charade

Somehow, in a season when
the once sacred
is profaned to "Happy Holidays-
(warning- this contains peanut butter)
and the raw power of God in a cow trough
is demoted to glowing wal-mart figurines;
as the intimate freedom of a Lord we can see
lays buried beneath a wadded haystack of wrapping paper;
Amid stares, a young woman still screams
and falls, winded,
to her knees in La Guardia
and a mother now sits weeping at a
table covered in ribboned boxes
that won't be opened.
An aquaintance in an elevator
politely greets me and
'I’m fine, how are you?'

15 Dec 05

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I really like this---and how very true it is.

I am in love with how you chose the last stanza....a simple closing yet still impacting.
 — xChelseax

What i like about this is at least for me i dont relate it specifically to what you talk about but rather how this type of thing is becoming more and more true in our society, sadly.
 — topop

thank you chelsea and topop.  this poem has so much to do with the things I was going through the week that I wrote it, I'm shocked that it makes any sense at all.  
 — jerotich

Capitalism has its good points, and its bad ones. This is one of the bad ones. The plastic decorations create more profit than the truth it seems.

Good poem btw.
 — BVZ

Thanks BVZ.  Stanza 3 is confusing, or no?
 — jerotich

did you leave out 'says' in L17?

this is great. i also think this could be condensed greatly with just making 1-5 the actual poem.

perhaps you could get two poems out of this.
 — mandolyn