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greeting to america

dear god
what has happened to this place?
that man on the tv
is telling everyone
that the only true greeting
in december is "merry christmas"
that this is a "merry christmas" country
and you'd better say it
or god won't like you.
people are sending "merry christmas" cards to the ACLU
because they attempted to remove christmas trees
and "merry christmas" from the language
there were lawsuits and the suits
discussed the law around those two little words
is someone sending "happy holidays" cards
to this man? this gentleman who is
organizing boycotts of major retailers
who greet their customers with the terrible
"happy holidays." what is going on?
when the world is up in arms, we are taking sides
in a battle over happy versus merry
over christmas versus holidays
someone wrote to the paper and said,
"it's been our custom forever since existence
god is above us
god is with us
if you don't like our country
and our beliefs, then go
back to the country you
came from."
whoa, nelly! holy, blitzen!
when did we start to believe
when did we turn our faith
to insist that every man, woman,
and child, of every race, color,
and creed, who lives under the blanket
of stars and strips, wants to only say
and hear "merry christmas" in december?
have the pharmaceutical companies
started working on a cure for this
symptom? and yes, it is a symptom
of some larger disease. and that man,
that man on the tv, that man in the lovely
suit, with the microphone, he, he is a carrier
and a major one. he has infested this country
with a disorder that narrows the mind
and shrinks the heart
we need a drug to cure us. i hope that
there is one or a new one is on its way.
maybe it will come in the form of a beautiful woman
with a bosom for us all, she will appear on tv
one day and say, "use a greeting of your choosing
during the last month of the year. say merry or happy
or wonderful. then add christmas or hanukkah
or kwanza or solstice or new year. give gifts.
celebrate each other and something larger
than all of us while the sun is so far away.
and for god's sake, let there be a little peace
on earth and good will towards all."

24 Dec 05

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wow... thats all i can say. great idea that was perfectly written about. amazing.
 — bear

Excellent poem. I love the idea. Just one thing stuck out.

L51: Did you mean "busom" or "bosom"?


 — teo_omega11

Teo -- Thanks for catching that typo.
 — wordlover