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The distance is too much
if I cannot feel your breath
on my cheek
My own voice echoes
in my head
and in this room
empty without you
is it really me I hear?
I'm left here wondering
do you miss me
do you wish you were here?
are you really there
Don't answer
if the truth would hurt
In this distance
this eternity of space
my mind is left racing
bruised by lonliness
band-aided with jealousy
do you miss me?
Can you hear me?

6 Apr 02

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Last two lines bugged me, just doesn't fit; the last line especially. Gave it a 6
 — TonyRay

last two lines bugged me too. bugged me big time.
 — unknown

I like this poem alot, I understand it completely.
 — unknown

i, for one, love the last lines, and wouldnt change them.
 — collx


ya ear may?
 — unknown

: )
 — fractalcore

how does a poem from 2002 get bumped up?
 — funes

I think the last two lines are perfect
 — JTigger831