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On L-O-V-E

Luv, Love, LOVE
(heart <3 Heart)
Letters meant nothing
at the start.
But man made them
so we could say
how we felt
in every way.
But the letters
mean nothing
to me.
Screw them up
and spell something new.
“I VOLE you! Don’t you vole me?”
This is why we need poetry.

13 Jan 06

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I agree.

And I quite vole this poem.
 — GalvanicGirl

I vole this poem! But I *OVEL* it even more!

Ha! Watcha gonna do now? See? 'cause I sorta took your vole, and then I took your screwy-upy line in the poem and made my own non-love love.

Because... because that's why you said we need poetry.

Even though this isn't poetry. It's just me commenting on *your* poem. Which is nice, by the way.


It's very nice.
 — GalvanicGirl

L10 personally, i would say "Ell", but it doesn't really matter, i guess.
L19 "... Do you vole me?" maybe. seems too demanding as it is now. like, clingy, annoying.

i don't understand your use of capitals in this poem either, and i'm starting to think i won't in the next one of yours i read.
 — inutile

Well, to be quite honest, many times my use of capitals could be categorized as a constant battle with Microsoft word.
 — katt

I think i like clingy.. like someone who is desparately trying to communicate their emotions and failing.
 — katt

Its real quaint to see a tiny furry creature like a vole creep into a poem
 — larrylark

aw, cute.
 — unknown

voles and moles are adorable. 'Tis truly true
 — borntodance

Creative!  A great, light take on it.
 — boothben

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