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I originally wrote this 5 years ago, I made a few changes recently. It is a great reminder for which road to take.

There is a voice of derision
That chills on the couch that is in its room
Behind my left ear
Sometimes it gets a snack from the kitchen
at the top
and center
of my head.
It likes to play games on the computer
Everywhere it goes
It tells me I am wrong
It tells me I am stupid
It tells me I am weird
I have a voice of pride
That paces on the floor that is in its room
behind my right ear
It likes to go swimming in the pool
at the bottom
and center
of my head
Sometimes it pretends to be someone else
Whatever it does
It tells me I am right
It tells me I am smart
It tells me I am beautiful
There is a voice of reason
That left its room between my two ears
and never went back
It likes to sit and think anywhere it can find a new view of the world.
Sometimes it swims with pride, or chills with derision
But when it is alone
It sits in my ears
and listens.
It sits in my eyes
and sees.
It sits in the library
and learns,
from the memories.
Reason doesn’t talk much,
but when it does
I listen.

20 Jan 06

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Is there a way to change the anignment? I would like to have lines 13 - 25 on the right and all the lines after 26 in the center.
 — katt

no idea - but if you find out please tell me because there are so many poems I have that i cannot post because i cannot align them correctly. nice however, i like.
 — Rousseau

Really like the last stanza - just read it again, that one struck a chord ^_^
 — Rousseau

Fkn cool. I really, honestly, think this is a great idea, well executed.

 — musicwords

I appretiate your rating, whoever you are, but do you think you could possibly be a little more, brave/civilized and give me some comments as to what i could do to improve it?
 — katt

i love you
 — TheYoungCrow

Thanks for the comments everyone. It means alot.... and rousseau.. sorry for ignoring your posts to get let down by the 1 rating :(... I get cranky sometimes. ^_^

And crow, I love you too.
 — katt

The repetition might be more powerful (lines 11-13, 24-26, and 33-39) if you varied it slightly. I'm not sure the cadence quite works. Other than that, this is well executed (and more than a little enjoyable to read).
 — phyridean

hmm, YAY, a real comment, about it... Huzzah!

Yes, i could eliminate the ..um.. bad bits, but I would like to keep it for the lines 33-39...
Would it be ok if i kept just that, or would that still be too much repition?
 — katt

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