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Prometheus and Me

On the shampoo bottle
it told me to:
Wet my hair
and then lather,
rinse, repeat.
I repeated until
my hair shone
and my fingers
and toes were pruned.
This must be
how Prometheus felt
while chained to that rock.

24 Jan 06

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 — bear

no one
 — unknown

 — bear

change the title
 — unknown

i changed it
 — bear

Probably nowhere near to the suffering of Promethus!
 — marieF

ah,thats the juxtapostion that i was looking for!
 — bear

Very clever!  You might want to say something to indicate you repeated the wash/rinse until the bottle was empty, only to realize you'd have to repeat it again tomorrow or something to show it was not a simple one-time event.

Short and sharp, the best kind.
 — Isabelle5

it's a bit classic.
 — unknown

 — bear

at first i was like, this is not doing prometheus justice. then i realised, hair is a bitch. though, i do think Prometheus did have a tad more of a painful experience. overall, to the point and funny. nice.
 — SweetPain

thank you thats the point
 — bear