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If valor could speak

I think, this is as much a reminder to myself, as it is a comment on society.

You say
you admire the brave
those who sacrifice everything
for truth
and freedom
I’m sorry,
I don’t believe you.
Your hiding belies
your true personality.
You talk
like all the others;
spineless slugs living in fear
of death
and names.
Do you really expect to make it to heaven?
Do you really want to be noticed?
To be remembered for all time?
I say you
have been
and always will be
a forgettable coward.
You are one of the thousands
of fearful, tolerant masses;
illegitimate children of freedom.
You are my greatest enemy.

5 Feb 06

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damn. harsh, but true. and lovely.
nice poem.
 — unknown

Harsh is a good word for this. Probably the sort of thing that we need to remember to fix things in the world.

One thing, in line 21-22, you say "I say you have" but you need it to be "I say you have been" so that it fits with the rest of the sentence. Otherwise, it says "you have be a forgettable coward."
 — phyridean

  thanks for pointing that out. I was really hoping i cold make that line a one word line, but alas.

than you to everyone else who commented and rated.
 — katt

oh yah baby!

suk mein
 — unknown

did i say that?

 — unknown

i really like this. i like it because it's one of my favorite kinds of poems, the kind that flow down in somewhat short lines but hit home completely. line 25 made my stomach tingle. which is a good thing. use of the world valor in title somehow adds to the poem.
 — listen

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