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short lives
open eyes
dragons dying
open minds

8 Feb 06

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odd. quite odd. I like it.
 — cockroachthe

 — minusthesky

ditto both previous comments, and add "nice"
 — inutile

odd but cute.
 — Trish77



 — unknown

obviously a case of gert
 — unknown

This is poop.
 — unknown

Change the title to "oddly." Enough is redundant.
 — unknown

enough already.

oddly enough

is how it shall beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
 — unknown

i love your poem
 — bettalpha

I'm not so sure if I understand this poem, but I like it.
 — fallinforyou

a riddle
 — unknown

a riddle indeed.
 — unknown

wonderful, already feel lighter

open minds sounds so academic to me in line 10 but it works.  lol
 — slancho

who is this? Unveil thyself.

Wouldn't that be cool? If dragonflies breathed fireflies?

 — unknown

i love whoever wrote this. i want to stalk him/her.

please, tell us your name so we can worship you forever.
 — inutile

Okay, okay.

I admit it.

I'm the one who wrote it.

 — unknown

No! I did!!!!

 — unknown

It was meeeee!!!!!!

 — unknown

yes, well. i can only worship one person at a time, you know, otherwise it gets too confusing.
 — inutile

isn't it usually the other way around?

I mean, don't you have tons of unknown minions?
 — unknown

i used to, but they have all gone

*spreads hands, indicating their emptiness*

i loved my minions and stalkers and whatnot, they are sorely missed
 — inutile

Wow, I like this a lot. Thanks. (10)
 — iamswanson

definitely an unusual sort of ... poem.

i guess i can see how dragonflies might inspire a wee thing like this.
 — Wingnuts

 — unknown

its like a fortune cookie  when you ve been ripped off at the local xhan wu wu restaurant
 — unknown

No. Dragon Flies Don't Breathe Fire Flies.

 — unknown


thought provoking as well, in a childish sort of way.
 — unknown

how quaint.
very nice poem.
 — varun

are you the creepy kid that asks people if they would pay him to eat bugs?
 — TheO1dCrow

good poem.
 — noodleman

Odd and cutesy, while still maintaining some depth. Sevenworthy.

 — teo_omega11

i keep changing my rating. it is so hard to decide what this is worth.

i am in love with the author, and still waiting for them to tell me who they are.

sad, aren't i?
 — inutile

A belated discovery. I miss the lake. I miss the flaslights of 1,000,000 fireflies.
That's a ten for you mr(s) mystery
 — unknown

i've never seen fireflies. but i love them anyway. just like i love this unknown author.

hah, i think i might be starting to creep the author out. how lovely. i'll stop now, if i must.
 — inutile

Never stop, dearest Inutile, for it is I, the author.

You know, I still don't feel like a genius.
 — unknown

 — unknown

Yay! A random pome I've read before.

I tole you Dragonflies breathe fireflies.
 — povertea

tis odd, but not good. sounds nice but is empty.
 — themorrigan