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lonely hearts (for root and ananke)

we are all bleeding, lonely hearts
and valentine mocks us
with her black pvc bondage uniforms,
rose kisses and cheap adverts.
sure, commercialisation sucks
but so does being alone -
no one writes songs for
arthouse works in progresses,
no one thinks about mashing up bovine aortas
and forming heart shaped valentines
in the hope that somehow,
two pinpricks of light will meet
and become a mister and missers root,
or a missers and mister ananke.
forget about me,
i'm either the ugliest msn picture ever,
or a beautiful fraud;
either way, my best friend thinks i smell weird.
what's an odd valentine's image, she asked me.
perhaps i should have told her that an asian girl
going commando to a dinner on friday'd be weird.

to all my lonely, weeping hearts - look for me in the classifieds!

14 Feb 06

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Amazing diction
 — xerda

thanks wendz.
 — unknown

love it :) but there should be no "forget about me"! that whole strophe is poshcocky.
 — Ananke

girls go commando?

that's news to me!

yep, its good, i especially like line 9.  festive viscerium conglomerate!

i agree w/ananke 'cept i don't know what poshcocky means.

i think it means 'you should not give a half-arsed fart what other people think of you, that sort of thinking never did anyone any good.'

thanks for the pome wendy
 — root

"a beautiful fraud" - I really like that. It's stuck with me.
 — Tinkers

It's great, I especially love the lines...1-6, it's so human, well done.
 — Thea

You are a good storyteller, thats all!
 — Hulda

What kind of weeping crap this is, yeah I´m sure you smell weird too!
 — Hulda