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The Marine Corps' Mission

When the drill
sergeant asked,
"What is the
Marines' mission?"
The ranks replied
in unison,
"To kill
for Christ,
God bless America.

15 Feb 06

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Great :)
 — CervusWright

I feel like this should be more effective.
Or maybe I'm just tired.

I get it...but I'm not moved?
 — mouse

 — Charlie

have to agree with mouse.
 — Trish77

 — ProzacNation

funny; but as mouse said not very powerful; though i dont beleive that it was intended to be.
 — ljump12

Good enough.
 — gingerdave

thanks for all the comments. i wasn't going for powerful really, more just funny. i think its hilarious for someone to say they want to kill someone in Christ's name.
My dad was in the Marine Corps and he said this is what they said the motto of the Marine Corps is or was during the Cold War.
 — bear

 — unknown

u no wat rhymes with 2? booooooooooooo.
 — bear

that was during the cold war but now alot of marines would probaably take offense to that. defend he freedoms that you take for granted and go places none will go, for freedom.
 — Andramelach