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Maps Without Tacks

The fog becomes relentless
as I drive between the day
thick as the smoke inside my lungs
turning transparency opaque
Ill imagine where I'm headed
while treos takes the stage
the light that paints the windshield
grants my view an empty page
Give me a pencil, no, a sharpie
give me a chisel and a stone
tonight I draw my own disaster
heading anywhere but home

28 Feb 06

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I enjoyed ...
 — unknown

Fix up the grammar errors, try a word processor or something.  Spellcheck.

But I do like the concept, and line 2 is nice.
 — Talon

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 — unknown

fuck yes for TREOS!!! seeing this made my night.

i rate you a TEN. give credit for... 3 of those points to them the rest are rightfully yours. []coolbeans[]
 — Backspace

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