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It's Either Getting Away or Getting Named

Run your hands over her body,
and think of the look on my face when I find out.
Was she alluring and tasteful,
or dirty and low?
Did she care about how you were getting home?
Go on and button up your pants.
I can imagine the sweating and throbbing.
My stomach is twisting.
I hope she was as sweet as I am to you.
Cut out your abuse,
but remember your crocodile tears.
Call and tell me all about your night.
You know that you kept me waiting on the edge of my seat,
dying to hear your voice,
and thinking you hadn't forgotten about me.
I'm the girl with the only heart capable of loving a liar and a cheat,
and I've come to realize you aren't exactly as you seem.
You're worse.

3 Mar 06

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deja voulez vous couchez avec purple haze all round my arse?
 — unknown

hahaha!  Great ending.  
 — Isabelle5

: )
 — fractalcore