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Yet another untitled poem


I don't apologise for the acrostic, it had to be said.

13 Mar 06

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Wow, that was deep.
 — unknown

Good stuff :)
 — CervusWright

I'm sorry CervusWright, but there were no C's. If there had been you were first on my list.
 — unknown

are you angry about something?
 — Meep

So, you  couldn't find a word that starts with w?
 — wamblicante

untilted or belittled?

 — unknown

ummmm..... ducktape? Hmmmmmm. That is a bit of a stretch.
 — unknown

Substitite Vamblicante for Vrai; she don't hang out heah no moh!
 — unknown

I love your poem, Morchuis. You finally recognize the solidarity of diversity. Bravo!
But please add Vamblicante to your membership.
 — unknown

Ahh…this ain't Morchuis, and no, I'm not going to change Vrai. Just because they have left doesn't mean their poems are less valid or meaningful.
 — unknown

Angry…how did you get that?
 — unknown

i didn't that's why I asked.  your footnote implies an issue that is not explained by the poem in question.
 — Meep

Profound indeed.
 — TheYoungCrow

I love you.
 — TheYoungCrow

 — Meep

I apologised for the acrostic because they are bad, but I had to compliment all these poets…get it??
 — unknown

another pathetic attempt to mask attention as respect.

 — unknown

Um, no, then I would have called it something attention seeking. Maybe, for once, someone actually respects these poets enough to write a poem about them. Go find somewhere else to vent your negativity.
 — unknown

I was trying to say how you can have so many minds, all thinking different things, and they all produce such different works. It was really a comment about the world at large…
 — unknown

great poem!
 — starwars

I'm glad you included Teo.
 — unknown

I don't think that this poem deserves a one. I don't think that anything deserves a one unless it is pointless abuse. A five is appropriate if it is not good, but you can tell the poet is at least trying. People are just needlessly harsh these days, it's just rude and sad.
 — unknown

thanks for feeling free to comment what you do like as well as what you don't.
 — unknown

Quite interesting, I must say.  And so true.
 — Isabelle5

Another day and another sorrow. I like it.
 — unknown

Sorrow? Please explain.
 — unknown

I didn't need to use the footnote. I agree, this should get better ratings.
 — unknown


even crow made it on here...

i'm reduced to lower case only for a while...
 — MandersXX

as flattered as i am, i don't think much of this poem.

why would you want to waste precious poetry space for something like this? you could have sent all those people and email prasing them, or left a comment on one of their poems, or even, if you really wanted to, started a thread.
 — inutile

i know i sound ungrateful, i don't mean to. but it's just my opinion.
 — inutile

hmm....i will not rate this poem, which can be interpretted as a compliment or an insult
 — TheO1dCrow

God, you idiots, your names don't mean anything. I wanted to comment on the diversity of this site, and poetry the world over. It's not about you.
 — unknown

"I apologised for the acrostic because they are bad, but I had to compliment all these poets…get it??"

two comments later:
"I was trying to say how you can have so many minds, all thinking different things, and they all produce such different works. It was really a comment about the world at large…"

sorry for misunderstanding the purpose of your poem, but it was hard to understand your intention when you apparently changed it after you posted.
 — inutile

No, compliment them on their diversity. Doesn't necessarily mean that they are good.
 — unknown

get this crap off. it is so frikking hi school.
 — unknown

So is your spelling and your grammar
 — unknown

An 'untilted' poem, eh?

*leans head sideways*

There! Now it is tilted!

Haha, that's your cue to fix your spelling mistake,
not that that will make your poem any better.
 — unknown

now that youve pointed that out, i like it. Not changing.
 — unknown


I like acrostic. And I agree, great minds think diversely; if they didn't their minds wouldn't be outstanding or great.

A simple piece, devoid of imagery, but just as much poetry as much of the free-verse on this site.
 — unknown

hah, i admit i am guilty. sorry.

this was funny, though, and it made me laugh at myself. <3
 — missmurder

What do you mean, you are guilty? Guilty of what?
 — unknown

 — povertea

There were so much better ways you could have said this.
 — Virgil

Yes? What are they then?
 — unknown

Yes, i understand what you were saying. I don't know what inutile is trying to argue, it was obviously to ME at least that you were only 'complimenting' the poets on their diversity, not talent. She would not be on this list if it was a compilation of the poetically gifted…
 — unknown

Inutile, read the above. i want to start something.
 — unknown

please put me instead of Morchius, please please.
 — marieF

Rumbly tumbly
3 penises
Nutter butter.
 — pra3torian

I think this poem needs a title, but it's still good.
 — sable

Why thank you, sable.

And of course,
Pra3torian, for his contributions.
They leave a smile on the lips of his increasingly large fan club.
 — unknown

well... what is the point to this?
 — unknown

unknown- if you had bothered to read the comments above, it would be clear. Does everthing have to be spelled out to you?
 — unknown

this is way cool! innovative:) oh ya pra3torian, i like your poems too. oh wait, what poems?!
 — miss_minx

I have read the comments, and still say why bother? its not a poem, its a piece of shite from yopur own arsehle!
 — unknown

No, I'd say it is the words from your own mouth. At least I am the slightest bit eloquent, and when you want to insult someone, learn to type and give critisism that is useful. What am I supposed to do with the drivel you are dishing out?
 — unknown

OOOHHH 'fight!'
 — unknown

crap, bottled.
 — unknown

poetry usually has some sense of eloquence, perhaps rhyme, perhaps rhythm, but I don't see it in here.
 — unknown

and that notion, my dear friend, will keep your poetry dull. i thought poetry was about self expression and passion, myself. conveying and idea or a feeling? narrow mindedness has got you nowhere.
 — unknown

Not a bad acrostic but your "title" is messed up and there's no e in "diversly". Also, don't apologize for what you write as that gives the reader the idea that you don't even care for it.
 — wamblicante

Don Quixote?
 — unknown

Thank you wamblicante, god like as usual…
 — unknown

I liked "untilted" better. It made me laugh when I looked sideways.
 — unknown

stop listing aim screen names.
 — Spunkee

you idiot. can you cen any stupider? THEYRE TETTO pc NAMES! even i knew that.
 — unknown

and why not name it Great minds?
 — unknown

Should you be released, do you have a job?
 — Storytime

i should be released? thats what i told my parole officer, but they disagreed.
 — unknown

wow, thanks for including me!  lol

*hugs to wamblicante*

 — ducktape

Ok, what the hell? Wamblicante did NOT write this…
 — unknown

I still like it. -bumps-

 — A_Forsaken

aww...i feel touched, but not violated
 — unknown

I like what you've done. The footnote , however, is totally unnecessary and spoils the wee surprise. Far better that the reader discovers the acrostic. So what if some people don't get it. As for your apology - why why why why why???????
 — unknown

This is utter shit.  Not only is the idea vague, undeveloped, uninteresting, and the product of a ridiculous sycophant... you didn't even pull off the one aspect of the piece that could have saved it from being a simple act of namedropping (ie. the acrostic).  The last time I checked the final word would be spelled diversEly... You'll inevitably now search the site for some well-liked community member whose name starts with "e," which simply proves my point that this is utter trash.  It's not even sinccere as you simply ad to stick names that fit into it "TheO1dCrow" for instance who can hardly be said to have done anything that resembled thought ever in his life...

Just spare us this dribble and delete.
 — unknown

 — propoet50

buscd to you too.
 — unknown

: )
 — fractalcore

Ha! Terrific!
 — wendz

hmm again
: )
 — fractalcore

Interesting poem.  How would you define diversity? Just curious.
 — lewisstreet