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Edible Man

like luxurious
lovers in secret
the seraphic scent
of old sheets slithers
under the crumpled
in satin curves,
a rangy, rumpled pelt
spun golden
hips dancing.

15 Mar 06

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I like the "ing".
 — Meep

Why, Meep? Is this a Kauf poem?
 — unknown

why not?
 — Meep

I like this poem.
I like the title too.
 — Krttika

Very tasty!
 — unknown

I wear the same shoes
as everyone
I got the same blues
as everyone
So try and call me,
I'm immobile man
 — unknown

yes I am.
 — unknown

Thanks, yes it is.
 — Kauf

Enjoyed a great deal.
 — WordsAndMe

I'm jealous that you enjoyed it.
 — Kauf

 — Kauf

i like lines 1-4 the most
 — nicolecote