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The Design of Eventuality

the mechanical rotation of a failing
smiling figure
on a covered beach
grey stone fuck
what a dream what a dream
the falling snow
of a face never realized
you're not real here
and being grim is nice
dont you think honey
mechanized sunrise
together in the end
when is it time to fade
i fidget
i struggle in
the wake of
nothing of importance
throw it all away
and bring your chairs
to the beach
and throw your clocks
in the water
we're not happy
we're not happy
we're not happy.

20 Aug 03

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I know it's not the poet's intent, but I keep reading figure as figurine in line 2. This echoes of radiohead. But I love radiohead. And I love this. But uh... not for that reason. yeah.
 — Ananke

minor note, your should be you're in line 8
 — Ananke

oops thanks for pointing that out
 — Brandxxx

striving but not there yet
 — unknown

thats the story of my life
 — Brandxxx