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forever sky
under here where the air is clear
like everywhere when the sun
is setting
when the lights are so bright
in this peaceful metropolis
i hear your voices as cars
on a freeway
quietly droning south of here
i feel the night coming on
and i cant help but to stand here
unmoving taking in all of this
future we're careening towards
slowly and quickly
like a human race
sweet smog tainting the sunset
making it so much more beautiful.
the noise of morning has past
and will soon come again
and i think until then i will
marvel and be content
within these Magnificent days
of modern nature.

22 Aug 03

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Wups! I couldn't get the children's song "Let's Go Fly A Kite" out of my mind after I read the second line. I did read it twice again though, and one thing that bothered me was the use of "beautiful" in both lines 18 and 23. I, personally, would replace one, or both, with a word less broad and more descriptive. Just a suggestion!
 — unknown

yeah thats a good suggestion. thanks
 — Brandxxx

why capitalize magnificent? Suggestion--rewrite this, and don't use "I" once.
 — unknown

die bitch die.. yes, im talking about barney
 — unknown