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The Cure to Hiccups

She asked me
if I ever get
annoyed with myself.
I replied:
only when
I have the

30 Mar 06

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i like it, yet really short poems are best when they have lots of depth to them, even if its a funny depth... i dont know...
 — topop

Definitely funny- I like it a lot because I am also annoyed with myself when I hiccup.
 — Cloudless

awesome work bear.

 — unknown

as for myself, i can safely say i am not in awe.
 — unknown

thanks all.

second unknown, there's no reason to be in awe. its just supposed to be a little funny, not a divine truth.
 — bear

fantastic.  simple but adorable.  enjoyed!
 — WordsAndMe

dude, i love this poem.  i think i told you before, but i do.

and btw...you might think my hiccups are annoying but yours are more so.
 — rubytuesday

 — bear

They are infuriating especially as in my case i got a severe attack while being knighted by the queen for my services to the unremarkable .She shouted at me to stop,gave me a further warning and then chopped off my head with her knighting sword.

Larry from the top of a pike on London Bridge Lark
 — larrylark

haha, cute.
 — ducktape

Funny! The cure, as we all know, is to hold your breath for 4 hours ...
 — unknown

Not worth remembering. 2/10
 — Henry