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Gun Oil

such an incomplete face
hard to look at
but easy to understand
when im such a conflicted
not so geniune
when you look at all of the
thoughts a man could have
and all of the rederick
a man can spew.
how can we not be hypocrites,
how can we not contemplate,
and wonder what gun oil
really tastes like.
stop telling yourself its
going to get better.
dont laugh,
dont cry,
the tears will make you feel hollow.
so full of thought,
but a walking husk i am.
a shell of a man who only
wishes he were

29 Aug 03

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Boy, this is blatantly suicidal. I am interested in the idea of tasting the gun oil, never thought of that. I know you mean rhetoric in line 9 but it slowed me down a bit seeing it spelled incorrectly. That sounds small, doesn't it? But it's important because poets love words and words spelled wrong offend us.

Even so, I like this. Makes me want to reach in and tell you that it will get better, no pain lasts forever.
 — Isabelle5

moments in time. gone but not forgotten. anyways thank you i really should have double checked my spelling. i usually do but it looked right. anyways thanks for pointing that out.
 — Brandxxx

Who am I to talk? I misspelled "theirselves" recently.
 — Isabelle5

You didn't misspell 'theirselves', it isn't even a word.

This is very sad. I'm not sure about it. Maybe it is the feeling of futility I get from the author.
 — unknown

You're relevant. And I know theirselves isn't a word. I was shocked that I wrote it any way at all.
 — Isabelle5

maybe your thinking of "themselves"
 — Brandxxx