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The Ballad of Cezermane

nobody dropped the gumball machine said cezermane.
cezermane. cezermane?
won't you come out and eat all of the rain?
blue eyes                  ----                 green feet
that's cezermane.
i don't know why you cry for me cezermane
don't you know that your tears are in vain?
but with your snaggle tooth you smile at me
cezermane? cezermane!
life with you is much better
than a dream.

9 May 06

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could you indulge me by telling me who/what cezermane is? I'm printing out your poem because it's going to bring me good luck today. Why? It reads delightfully, it uses colours surprisingly and it's simply an adorable treat.
 — borntodance

i could tell you who/what he is, but, no.
 — unknown

keyser soze?
 — unknown

what language is that?
 — unknown

i don't understand this but i really, really want to!
 — inutile

ambiguity seems popular.
 — unknown

Is cezarmane a revolutionist of sorts?
 — unknown

no, no... something much more... oh, i dare not say -- for these days to be intelligible is to be found out.
 — brianuxo

victoriana modesty or modern fraudulency, ambiguity is part of life. in a poem like this youre the person eavesdropping. the not known piques.

i like your poem.

 — unknown

you're intelligent. marry me?
 — brianuxo

trite and sophomoric, at best... there is more repetition of this 'cezermane' tan there are actual words.

is it even a poem? it seems more like drug-induced faux-lyricism.

put down the pipe.
 — unknown

'Tis the voice of the Lobster; I heard him declare,
"You have baked me too brown, I must sugar my hair."
As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose
Trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes.

maybe carroll should have put his pipe down too?

yes. i will marry you with sugar in my hair brian.


did i favourite this?
yes i did.
 — unknown

dammit you're amazing betty. j'taime. and i'm not french or anything.
 — brianuxo

This is like one of those playground chants that haunt the imagination for years after as we struggle to recapture the intensity of feeling experienced so long ago.Really well done
 — larrylark

autistic dentistry
 — unknown

larrylark knows what he's talking about. better than i do, to be honest.
 — brianuxo

I'm sure he does. Know more than you. Much more, in fact. Compare poems and see.
 — unknown

i've never before seen a compliment become the impetus for an insult... thank you.
 — brianuxo

very good and fun to read
 — gjenkins

what/who/where is cezermane?
 — varun

caesar salad?
 — unknown

oh, i guess we can let the lame cat out of the paper box. no big twist. the construction of cezermane was one that came about as i came down from some pills i shouldn't have eaten. i just started singing the verses to myself. cezermane, to me, is an imaginary childhood friend i didn't have -- it was the infantile in me taking prominent hold of my brain, and dismayed at what it saw, then created this ugly little beast who acts as sort of a pariah for the things i don't want to be and so forth. a projected martyr of personal discontent.

or something.
 — brianuxo

You need to either do less pills or do more. The current amount is not sufficient.
 — unknown