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one second on a monday morning

The alarm clock went off, so I threw it out the window.  
I heard it fly down ten magnificent stories and crash into a billion pieces.  
I got up to look out the window at the broken alarm clock.  
I could not believe my eyes.  
I saw a hundred alarm clocks fly out of my neighbors’ windows all at the same time.  
It was like a waterfall coming out of my apartment building.
One-second later one hundred clocks crashed into one billion pieces.  
I screamed out in disbelief, exactly one second later I heard about a hundred screams throughout the building.  Slowly I made my way to the bathroom to freshen up.  When I turned on the water I heard a gentle rush of water come out of my faucet unfortunately a second later I heard a much louder rush circulate throughout the building.  
I washed up, got dressed and headed for the door.  
As I reached the door I decided to knock on it as a test.  I knocked and then a hundred knocks knocked back.
I smiled.

11 May 06

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Hey, its almost like a story with no point or merit. Wait no, thats exactly what it is.
 — InMyBlood

 — AunknownGuy

What does this mean? Like..what are you trying to get across to the reader?
 — fallinforyou

i don't understand why this was written. could the auther please enlighten me? i'm quite curious.
 — inutile

dunno hard to explain, its more of a song than anything...... i was playin my guitar and all this came to my mind....
 — AunknownGuy

I had a very similar thought just the other week.
 — unknown

 — AunknownGuy

different. but i like it.
 — gonewrong