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Pi'non'cchio (Object Poem)

From sad gig to worse;
travels shrouded in darkness;
then gottles of geer.

13 May 06

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"I know what this is." Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Only I really don't (I don't like you much at the moment).
I'll have to think on this - hmmm.
 — unknown

no idea on this one, sorry.
 — unknown

The tone is disapproving, which I admire, I wish I knew what of.  That's the hook, I suppose.
 — Meep

Is this about a musical instrument?
 — unknown

No  ^^

Check out the title.
 — unknown

'gottles of geer' - very funny, keep practising :0)
 — unknown

  I really don't understand the title or the poem.
 — unknown

too obscure for most people to understand
 — unknown

Help! I wanted to understand this poem. It was so charming, but how did bottles of beer transform into gottles of geer? Catchy, quirky and downright adorable, but I must sheepishly admit to missing the point. I want to add that I think Pinocchio
is a captivating subject for an object poem (!) After all, he was a mere piece of wood until Gepetto carved him into a doll, and the doll dances away.

Delightful verse. Thank you for playing.

 — borntodance

Thks for comments. For puzzled have posted explanashun at 'Poetry Contest Results: X-tra'  forum thread. http://poetry.t etto.org/forum/post/77236/
 — unknown

Good poem, you have captured well the often depressing existence of a traveling entertainer and the humor in being a failing ventriloquist.

Satire finely presented..
 — hobby

You're very talented. All I could garble was "ottles of eer"
Great fun.
 — borntodance

Ta hobs, anks a ot G.  ;))
 — unknown

Wood wittle penises
 — pra3torian

 — unknown

Yes, I am afraid I would never have made sense of it without comments below, which doesn't mean that I didn't like it enough to read them.  Pity you can't add an image of said object or place it in context where reference would be more accessible as I would not want to see it altered as it is so nice, tight and expressive.
 — unknown

hmmm, "gottles of geer".
very nice haiku...makes me
: )
 — fractalcore