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so come dance with me

when i was younger
i decided that i
needed to get
some fresh air,
so i stepped
out of my mind.
it is the most
beautiful thing
one can experience.
pain was gone
euphoria was all
that i could experience.
it was so nice
out of my head
that i never went back
here's an
to all:
Please join me
and try world peace.

15 Jun 06

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Try it. It's nice, I swear.
 — unknown

Okay. But only if you have pretzels
 — unknown

Is world peace found out of our minds?  I look at politicians and sort of thought it was exactly the opposite.  I don't know about the world peace part.  Maybe it you changed it to Nirvana or something?  This sounds like an out of body thing so it would not have much to do with the world.

Sorry, am I being too analytical?  
 — Isabelle5

L7-9 is "telling" at its best.  Omit, or show me.
You're title is misleading in a frustrating way.  I associate dancing with everything..that is not this.  :\ retitle?
 — WordsAndMe

Typos and too many words ruin a hippy's decent message:

when i was younger
that i am now, i decided
i needed fresh air, and so i stepped
outside of my mind: i invite you
to join me in euphoria, outside  my head,
in a world of peace.
 — DianaTrees

fucking brilliant.
 — jittery

 — bear