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The Secrets of the Trees

In the dim, somber light of the autumn
When the sun peels itself into evening
And its rays burst with volume and color
The gods of the night are awaking
They shimmy the dusk into moonlight
And sprinkle the ground with a glow
Soft, and neon, and sparkling
Only the nocturnal can see
Then out of the darkness comes calling
The subtle harangue of the trees
As they whisper their secrets together
Swaying uniformly and free
If you hearken so closely to hear them
Their secrets to you they will speak
Then the swift, lofting branches will quiet
And return to their slumber to rest
So take their words and reside them
Somewhere that you cannot forget
For the night is no more immortal
Than the dying sun as it sets

18 Jun 06

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I like this poem I think this is the tree poem I have been looking for and It is very well writen great job!
 — Hidden_words

 — listen