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summer air feeling

I needed to write
as if I were the summer
and as if it were raining unsweetened iced tea
that I could sweeten.
I needed to reach to the sky where clouds live
put one on the dew-dried grass
lay my head down
and look through the hole where the cloud lived.
Then I should walk home
through a Thunderstorm with the rain
soaking my hair - so I wouldn't have to shower.
I would sing.
I want to take a brilliantly bright yellow flower
put it in a rustic vase
so that I could feel bohemian.
eating a buttery Croissant.
I really should fall asleep
in a bed, on Top of the white sheets - pleasantly,
surrounded by an aura of warm air, drifting
into my dreams.
until the beams wake me,
no piercing beeps,
smile, along with the sun,
eats some eggs,
step outside.

30 Jun 06

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and as if it were raining unsweetened iced tea  
that I could sweeten.

perhaps you could change either unsweetened or sweetened to a synonym.

love the idea of the second stanza

The randomness of 12 is nice (:

Why's Top capitalized in 18?

Did you mean: by an aura of warm air?

I like the yellow ending. Nicely wispy.
 — povertea