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Watching My Son Sleep (haiku)

My little lamb sleeps,  
With his pants the wrong way round,  
Snoring like his Mum.

25 Sep 03

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And you stand there loving them both with all your soul. I've stood in that very place. Nice work.
 — Isabelle5

 — unknown

Aww... this is precious and correctly written. Hard to do with Haiku.
 — aforbing

cute :)
 — Anachocolata

piece in poverty[?]

biped, little thumbs
pant[s] through, the wrong way around,
sordid in the slums.


sorry, unk; i just couldn't help it.
and thank you so much.
your haiku is very nice.


    /    \
     : )
 — fractalcore


thank you

 — unknown

My mom stood there too,
Always watchful of her boy,
This made me miss her.


This is a very precious piece. Nicely done.
 — raveneffect


my comment datestamp
should be 10/08/09.

rereading this and liking it again.

thanks, unk.
: )
 — fractalcore

i mean 10/20/09.

geez, i really need to sleep more.
: )
 — fractalcore

A lovely wee poem.
 — unknown

for a second there i was wondering why the lamb?
then i realized "oh this is haiku", and it's actually pretty cute

i like this poem, nice work :)
 — liveon_on