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Horse Stray Lion Shit (Now with *Audio*)

Abori Ginalas
La boomba
Dodgyloo keros
kooka koalas
Victor Convictas
Fosta La gara
Le tinta
Sirolf Harrista
Hares Rockoco
myx matoso
Crocodile dung
dee creme
de cinerama
Walza Matilada
Billy Bongas
Horse Stray Lions
fair dinkum
dunny dingos.

Audio link:-  http://tinyurl.com/vdrcd

23 Jul 06

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Do I need to have studied poetry tp appreciate this?
 — unknown

 — unknown

Thks, unk2. negative, unk1.  :)
 — unknown

you obviuosly spent time on this, I like the abstractions, but still there is no mood to the poem.
 — unknown

Ta for your thoughts.
 — unknown

this is odd, really.
 — dax

what are the lions doing there?
 — unknown

Wouldn't make much sense without any lions, unk. Thanks, both, for commenting.
 — unknown

How about a translation for those of us who don't speak whatever language this is?  Aboriginal, looks like.  
 — Isabelle5

Just messing with the horse stray lions, Isabel.  Hopefully that's translation enough. :)
 — unknown

Of course that's not enough!  lol
 — Isabelle5

Ach, too bad , Isabelle, but really, that was a clue.  Reckon I'll just leave this one to sink or plummet.  :)
 — unknown

ORSTRALIONS !! how could i miss it  unk
 — unknown

Carroll's slithy toves were brillig. This is but a gyre and gimble in the wabe. For mimsy, you must more outgabe.
 — DianaTrees

Cheers unk and DT.

BTW - I don't care how much Carol brillo'd her stove and my mother is certainly no clackerblabb.  As for Gyre & Gimble - they can go frillig themselves behind the jumjum tree.
 — unknown

Audio link ------>   http://tinyurl.com/vdrcd
 — unknown

what's up with the burping?  (;
 — ducktape

I just smoked, so it reads even better now.  Not that it didn't before I smoked, but it just reads better now that I have a very misty Munga Bunga cloud hovering over my dragon bed.  Es muy diferente, este poema.  Si?
 — starr

I just struck it lucky, ducks :)

Hey, starr, that's real groovy, man.  chikka chakka chikka chakka ;)
 — unknown

Your not right .
Thank you .
 — unknown

holy macaroni
: )
 — fractalcore

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 — unknown