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Heavy Chai

One day I will
sip heavy chai and
pen you post cards
from across the world
not knowing if you
will inhale for my
scent or read them
with another girl.
"I left although
I loved you;
I knew the time
was wrong.
Now I do well
to forget you
when work is hard
and days are long.
Just know that
every word I write--
each prayer and
smile and yen--
is more sweet
because I've met you
and maybe someday
will again."

12 Aug 06

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This is really nice. Love with an original spin,. It's not whiney or pathetis, its soulful. I especially like verse 2, that's just what I'd be thinking. Last 2 verses are nicely done.
 — themorrigan

wow something hopeful.
i like how its attempting to sound bitter but doesn't succeed at the end.
i am loving the first 2 stanzas. pretty good.
 — trochee