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the day a priest touched me

bless me father for i have sinned.
this time it was different
i was more comfortable in
a confession than i have ever been.
he broke down my guard,
he broke ME down.
it all caused me to cry
i think he wanted me to,
i felt better after i did.
the day a priest touched me
i realized that i am a better
person then i had ever thought.
he called me a good kid
and said it like he meant it.

14 Aug 06

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did anyone read this? anyone at all...?
 — bear

this is really sweet bear
 — marieF

 — bear

this goes two ways, either way really gets it. a priest who actually cares about their friends, their children, or a priest that molested and got away with it, twisting the kid's thought into believing it was something good; which of course has reference to some really bad scandals.

nice work.
 — listen

although this is your experience, the poem is sub par.  
 — unknown